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  • ​Heating furnaces can be used in a variety of different application scenarios, as follows:


  • ​Both contemporary machine-making techniques and conventional handcrafting techniques can be used to create rope chains.


  • ​Depending on the material to be annealed and the demands of the particular application, a variety of furnace types might be employed for the process. Here are few instances:


  • Nd:YAG solid-state laser is the laser source used in Yag Laser Welding Machine, which is a welding device. YAG stands for "yttrium aluminum garnet" in abbreviated. It is a substance created utilizing Nd3+ ions as the activator and yttrium aluminum garnet (Y3Al5O12) as the dopant. YAG lasers typically have a wavelength of 1064 nanometers. This laser has exceptional power stability and beam quality and can simultaneously produce pulses and stable laser beams.


  • An example of a furnace used for the annealing process is an annealing static furnace. A metal or other material's characteristics can be changed by the heat treatment process called annealing.


  • Laser welding is a well-established application of many laser technologies. It irradiates the laser beam with high energy density on the two parts of the material, so that the local part is heated and melted, and then cooled and solidified to form a whole. In the process of use, in order to ensure the safety of the operator, we need to master some safe operation rules in the process of operating the laser welding machine. The following will explain to you the safe operating procedures of the laser welding machine


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