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  • The wire drawing machine, commonly referred to as the gold wire machine, is a vital piece of equipment in the wire and cable industry. Its primary function is to reduce the diameter and shape of a wire through a precise and controlled process using a series of dies.


  • While most discussions of diamond cutting machines focus on crafting dazzling gemstones, a lesser-known yet crucial application exists in the world of jewelry manufacturing – the Cable Chain Diamond Cutting Machine. This specialized diamond cutting machine caters specifically to the needs of efficiently cutting and finishing cable chains and anchor chains.


  • The laser machine is a specialized piece of equipment revolutionizing the repair and fabrication processes in the jewelry industry, particularly for gold and silver items. Its primary functions include repairing holes, sand holes, and spot welding with remarkable precision and efficiency.


  • The world of wire production hinges on a crucial piece of machinery – the wire drawing machine. These remarkable machines transform raw metal rods into wires of various diameters, playing a vital role in countless industries. But not all wire drawing machines are created equal. To cater to the diverse needs of different wire products, a variety of machine types have been developed. Let's delve into the fascinating world of these specialized machines:


  • Rolling mills are indispensable machines in the metalworking industry, serving a wide range of purposes from shaping to finishing. These versatile tools are capable of handling both hot and cold processing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including strips, wires, and rods. Whether it's breaking down thick stock into thinner sheets or achieving precise finishes on delicate materials, rolling mills play a crucial role in manufacturing operations.


  • ​Heating furnaces can be used in a variety of different application scenarios, as follows:


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