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Laser welding machine safety operating procedures


Laser welding is a well-established application of many laser technologies. It irradiates the laser beam with high energy density on the two parts of the material, so that the local part is heated and melted, and then cooled and solidified to form a whole.

Due to the small heat-affected zone, rapid heating concentration and low thermal stress of laser welding, it shows unique advantages in industries such as machinery, electronics, batteries, aviation, and instrumentation, and has become a very competitive method in the precision processing industry. processing means. In recent years, many industries have used laser welding machines more and more frequently. At the same time, due to the high intensity of the laser, ionizing radiation and stimulated radiation will cause serious damage to the operator; With the multi-dimensional linkage device of the laser head and the multi-station turntable, the safety risk of a laser welding machine cannot be underestimated.

In the process of use, in order to ensure the safety of the operator, we need to master some safe operation rules in the process of operating the laser welding machine. The following will explain to you the safe operating procedures of the laser welding machine:

1. Read the instruction manual carefully, and operate the laser welding machine strictly according to the operating procedures to ensure equipment and personal safety.

2. Check whether all parts of the welding machine are working normally

Before the welding work, you should check whether all parts of the laser welding machine are working normally. After the operation, check the welding machine and the workplace to eliminate hidden dangers and ensure safety without accidents.

3. Avoid fire caused by laser irradiation

Direct irradiation or strong reflection of the laser beam will cause combustibles to burn and cause a fire. In addition, there are tens to tens of thousands of volts of high voltage in the laser, which will be damaged by electric shock. Therefore only trained personnel are allowed to operate the laser welding machine. The optical path system of the laser must be fully enclosed with metal to prevent direct exposure, and the laser welding workbench should also be shielded to prevent exposure to radiated light.

4. Avoid laser damage to eyes

The power density of the laser used in laser welding machine welding is very high, and the beam is very thin, which is easy to cause damage to human eyes and skin. Therefore, the eyes should be protected during laser welding operations. On-site operators must wear laser-specific protective glasses.

5. Avoid laser burns to the skin

Direct irradiation of the laser on the skin will cause burns to the skin, and the long-term effects of diffuse reflection will also cause skin aging, inflammation and skin cancer lesions of the operator. On-site operators need to wear work clothes to reduce the impact of diffuse reflection.

6. The circulating water in the laser welding machine must be kept clean, otherwise, it will affect the output of the laser. The user can determine the cycle of changing the cooling water according to the start-up time, water quality and other conditions. Generally speaking, the water change cycle is shorter in summer than in winter some.

7. The casing of the laser welding machine needs to be connected with a safety ground. During work, do not look directly at the laser beam with your eyes, and do not let your body (such as your hand) touch the laser beam to avoid injury.

7. Pay attention to keep the environment and laser welding machine clean, and check whether the laser rod and optical components are polluted frequently.

8. If you need to overhaul the laser welding machine, you must cut off the power, and you must make sure that the charge on the energy storage capacitor has been discharged before proceeding, so as to avoid electric shock accidents. If there is an abnormal phenomenon during operation, it is necessary to cut off the power (press <emergency stop> and the air switch) to check.

I believe that the laser welding machine is no longer unfamiliar to you. Maybe you are using it. Indeed, the arrival of the laser welding machine has greatly improved your work efficiency. There are risks in processing work, and safe operation is even more important. Need to pay attention at all times, I hope the above content will be helpful for everyone to operate the laser welding machine!

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