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What is the difference between the ejector machine and the chain machine?

The difference between ejector machine and chain machine:
1. The valve mechanism of the motorcycle engine is different
The crankshaft of the ejector machine is inside the crankshaft, and the camshaft drives two ejector rods to control the opening and closing of the valve. The chain machine is different from the ejector machine, and its camshaft is located at the cylinder head.
2. Different comfort
The noise of the ejector machine is relatively large, and due to the inertia of the ejector rod, when the movement range is too fast, the control of the ejector rod to the valve is relatively lagging.
The manufacturing technology of the chain machine is more advanced, the engine noise is also smaller, and the speed of the chain machine is very high, and its driving experience is also very good.
3. The scope of application is different

Because of its low speed, low failure rate, cheap price and relatively simple structure, the ejector machine is generally used on cargo three-wheeled motorcycles. The manufacturing structure of the chain machine is relatively complicated, so its engine power is relatively large, and the engine noise is also small, so it is generally used on two-wheeled motorcycles.

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