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What is the principle of the chain machine?


A chain is a common transmission device. The working principle of the chain is to reduce the friction between the chain and the sprocket through the double curved chain, reduce the energy loss in the process of power transmission, and thus obtain higher transmission efficiency. The application of chain drive is mainly concentrated in some occasions with high power and slow running speed, which makes chain drive have more obvious advantages.

The principle of the chain machine is as follows: the chain machine uses the gas distribution chain to control the camshaft and the rocker arm of the valve, and opens and closes the valve at the right time. valve work. Compared with the two, the ejector machine has more nodes to control the valve, and the structure is more complex, and the valve clearance changes greatly under the different temperatures of the cold engine and the hot engine, which also causes its noise to be larger, and it is equipped at high speed. The gas lags behind, the combustion efficiency is relatively low, and the vibration is also large, so it is not suitable for a high-speed engine with large displacement and high performance. The advantages of the chain machine are low noise, low vibration, fast speed increase, and more suitable for high-speed operation.

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