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Application scenarios of Heating Furnace


Heating furnaces can be used in a variety of different application scenarios, as follows:

Steelmaking and Casting: In the world of steel and casting, heating furnaces are used to heat metallic materials to the required temperature for forming or machining operations. These furnaces typically use high-temperature heating elements, such as resistive heating coils or gas torches.

Various heat treatment processes: hardening, tempering, annealing, quenching, etc. Heat treatments are often designed to increase the hardness, strength, or corrosion resistance of metallic materials to suit their specific application needs. Therefore, heating furnaces are widely used in heat treatment processes.

Thermoforming Processing: Heating furnaces can be used to heat non-metallic materials such as ceramics, glass and plastics for thermoforming processes such as melting, shaping or molding.

Spark plasma cutting: Spark plasma cutting is a process that uses sparks, high temperatures, and air pressure to cut metallic materials. During the cutting process, the heating furnace can be used to preheat and heat the material before cutting.

Fiberglass processing: When making fiberglass, heating furnaces are often used to heat molten glass and other materials so that they can be drawn into thin filaments for making fibers.

Therefore, heating furnaces have a wide range of application scenarios, from steelmaking and metal processing to plastic molding and fiber manufacturing, and different types of heating furnaces can be used for different purposes.